My start date for the Pacific Crest Trail is April 21st.

My start date for the Pacific Crest Trail is April 21st.

My start date for the Pacific Crest Trail is April 21st.

I think I am going to have the funding to go on the trail this year soon.  Not sure.  Don’t want to get too optimistic.  Kind of teeter tottered on “YES I AM SURE I’LL GET IT” mixed with “oh shit, maybe not”.

I applied for a home secured line of credit at BECU where I bank, and it looked like a slam dunk.  Their adjuster or whatever she is called phoned me up and told me this was pretty straight forward and my numbers look very good.   I’m thinking sweet!   But wait a minute – I was honest and told them what I was going to use it for – Hiking the PCT – and that I didn’t know if I would have to quit my job for the trip…

Yeah, rookie mistake when talking to a bank.  They sent me a letter denying my request.  Duh.

Then I tried USBank, and they wouldn’t just do the 20k I wanted, they wanted to do a line of credit for 75-95% of the equity in the house, which is WAY TOO MUCH.  I mean really, that’s over 100k, and give that kind of credit to an irresponsible person and they’re going to go out and buy a 90k car (there’s a guy at work that just bought one… wow, neat it goes over 200 but you aren’t willing to take it that fast, 800 a month for how long to pay this off?  yikes).
Guess what – for that much money, they want a better income/debt ratio than I have.  Interestingly they said I was right on the line.  Yeesh.

So I grabbed my new W2, A couple pay stubs, a flyer from work showing they’ll pay a 4000 incentive if we find drivers, plus $2000 sign on bonus for the new driver — told them that I am going to remain employed for the whole trip (this was new info) and that there is NO WAY they are going to let me go when they are so happy to shell out $6k per new driver.
BECU seems to like my arguments, and they also liked my new W2 which shows 10k more income than last year.  I talked to their adjuster on Friday again and she was curious about my trip, asked me a lot of questions about it, said last time they didn’t lend the money because I didn’t know if I would be able to maintain employment, and seemed, again, like hey this is a slam dunk, lets do it.   I ought to know next week.

As far as the YES, wait no, YES, wait no rollercoaster…  It hit me hard at first, but this is one of those situations where you don’t take no for an answer and you keep trying — until you run out of time.   I’m not out of time yet, and this is worth the effort of a slow burn to keep pushing for my desired outcome.   We will see.

Charlie Hough
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