Day 85: 1000 miles

Day 85: 1000 miles

Day 85: 1000 miles
Start: 986.87 Wilma lake
End: 1002.54 Bush camp
Today has been a day of introspection. I saw very few people and I spent the day in my head. Might be an interesting post if I can think of a few of them.
A deer was chomping away less than 15 feet from my tent last night. I propped myself up, it stared at me and called me ‘stupid’ and then proceeded to ignore me and eat. It was a bit jumpy and prone to jumping and running half a dozen yards in response to stimuli I wasn’t aware of, but I am pretty sure the sucker stayed within 50′ of us all night. Maybe every other time I woke up to roll over I’d hear it thudding around, or I’d hear the chompchompchomp of whatever shrubbery that had offended it that it was cropping down… Staying near non-hunting humans all night might be a valid survival strategy. Predators tend to give people a wide berth.
So deep thoughts… We humans are always thinking about water consumption (at least those of us who pay the water bill, or have a septic system). Then out here I sit by a river and watch millions of gallons just slip by.
I started my hike today knowing it was going to be much easier than typical. I started my hike today not knowing there was a mid thigh river crossing a half mile from camp. I crossed it barefoot, dried my feet and pants off a little bit with the shammy, then because it is a pain to put shoes on with moist feet I put on my Tevas. Good move. Even Tevas suck when they are wet, all the gravel sticks to them. This way my feet were dry in a minute or two. I hiked in the sandals over half the day, good trail mostly today so the sandals worked well, and my feet were tolerating them a lot better than previously. Very cool, that means I can use them more and more. I finally took them off at the Yosemite border because my feet were starting to burn in the sun.
I am having a difficult time wanting to stay on trail. I know if I go home and start working and then cannot come back (because really, my work is being pretty bad-ass tolerating my extended absence, but it is pretty much a one time thing) I’ll kick myself later.
I have a few ideas that might help. Getting out of the sierras might help. Catching up to a group of people who I *just* caught up to before I had to go to Reno to replace my phone might help, I am especially comfortable around them and having good company at the ends of the day would surely improve my attitude.
Finally… My reason for being out here hasn’t changed. I want to do something BIG. Doesn’t really count if I quit 40-50% of the way in. (That said, I would be content stopping at the bridge of the gods at the WA OR border — from there I could do the rest in 1 and 2 week trips over a year or three).
I need to get out of the Sierras and make it to the half way point before I make any final decisions. Damn, the grass is always greener, I’ve been missing weekly sushi of all the inane things! Sushi will still be there whenever I do get done.
… Oh… Here is an idea I hadn’t thought of till right now… Maybe I ought to go home and take a week vacation. I wonder if my brother Ryan is doing the family reunion and when… I like this idea… Reno or the Bay Area would be where flying would be cheap enough…
Vacation from vacation you say??? This endeavor is no longer even remotely a vacation. It is hard work. The hardest I have ever done.

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Well that was disappointing


Charlie Hough
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