Day 8: You can’t hike if you can’t walk.

Day 8: You can’t hike if you can’t walk.

Start 114.98
End 127.3 Mike Herrera’s
Fitbit 31,647

Woke up to some dew, fetched and filtered some water, and we headed out. About 2500 feet climbing today, I think today was my hardest day yet. Sun was hot, but temperature was actually pretty cool (in the shade). Michaela was really suffering, she needs at least one day off. We rolled in to Herrera’s, were served a burger and beer and hung out for a while. When ‘pizza ‘ was mentioned, that was the clincher. We are staying for the night. We were even provided a (mostly) roofed shelter, so no dealing with the wind tonight. Five of us packed in there.
Been eating wood fired pizza and soon going to bed.
As for the title… I literally can’t walk … Normally. Until I warm up. Imagine how you are the day after a particularly long and difficult hike… Times two. It is a chore just to stand after sitting for a while. Really tight in the heel and maybe the foot itself. I am overdue for a zero before I get hurt. Planning on it in Idlewild.
Forgot the sunrise shot. :p

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Charlie Hough
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