Day 54: Kennedy Meadows Zero

Day 54: Kennedy Meadows Zero

Ate breakfast, picked up my six packages… NEW SHOES, HOORAY! Axe, poles, mom sent me two boxes of food, and Yolanda sent me a sweet care package!
Some people I know love KM dearly, for many of the reasons I was poopooing it yesterday. I was expecting a hiker destination with a few facilities, and that expectation led to disappointment.
Today was about eating, drinking, getting clean for the first time in 9 days (my record by about double). There wasn’t even a stream to wash in. I did scrub my pits with water and a cloth half way through, but that isn’t the same.


image image image image image image image

Yeah, that was my only snickers of the trail, I killed it!   Om-nom-nom-nom!  Also, there was GOOD shampoo samples.  Used em first thing.  Thank you Solo-Yolo!


Zero in KM, getting ride to restaurant
Charlie Hough
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