Day -51: It is time to buy my plane ticket.

Day -51: It is time to buy my plane ticket.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 10:26 AM

W Seattle Brg W, Seattle, WA, United States • 50°F Light Rain


My line of credit showed up on my online banking this morning. I’ve known I was going to get it for a week or so but until today…

12 hours later:

Hot damn! tickets are CHEAP! $73 to San Diego! I actually paid 109 so that I could depart at 11am instead of 6:50 am. That is still such a SCORE! Okay okay, +$25 for luggage. Still, sweeeet! Now the hard part… This list is longer than this, but here are my must do’s that I could think of tonight:



-Spot (or similar tech)? I kind of don’t want to.

-Keyboard – this looks nice for $32, will buy when I add enough to Amazon for free shipping – (


-Want to get a dozen 2oz Nalgene bottles for coconut oil.


Must do:

Fucking taxes.

Fire permit

Canada permit

Airfare – done: 4/20 Alaska 490 @ 11am

Medical insurance le-sigh

Rent or otherwise take care of house.

New glasses?

I’m sure there is more. :/

Charlie Hough
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