Day -47

Day -47

Saturday, March 5, 2016 at 8:46 PM

2900 NE 30th St, Renton, WA, United States • 63°F Light Rain

^^ When you see that garbage, it means I copied it from my Day One account.

Weird nightmares. Both made me sleepless. Both were where I felt helpless against an adversary and I had to attack. In one it was versus a highschool bully who broke my cheek. In the second one I was a female business woman fighting the manstablishment.
Had a good date.
Went to my parents place, started organizing food. Found some dried bonito that will be a nice source of flavor and protein. Parents suggested six times that I work an extra day. >.<. Did about 6 hilly miles with 29 pounds on my back. Held up very well!
Need to sell my motorcycle, that’ll ease cash flow till I hit the trail.

Charlie Hough
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