Day 47: Energy levels

Day 47: Energy levels

Start: 592.91 bush camp
End: 608.91 landers camp

I got out of camp at 6 am with 9.5 miles to water and 1.5 liters. The idea was go early enough that I don’t need more than that. The idea was bad. I struggled getting to the water. Fortunately, Sonic zipped by and gave me at least a liter. That really helped. Still ran dry half a mile out, but that is way better than three miles.
Got water, rested, waited out the heat of the day. Then had 7.5 miles to the last water source for 42 miles (eeeeep!). I was at full energy levels and did it in about 2.5 hours (3mph). Filled my bottles from the best water in days, it is even cold!
Ate, going to bed.

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Charlie Hough
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