Day 44: Day hiking

Day 44: Day hiking

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I have been a little down on myself concerning my fitness level. Until today. Take my heavy pack off and give me a 10 lb pack and a trail with water everywhere and I was flying.
It was an excellent trail, lots of views, went up 2000 feet to about 9500, which showed me where the snow level was.
The trail had these beautiful orange sequoia trees. They don’t grow very tall, but they get hugely wide. I would love to replace the tree in my back yard with one.
We came across an artesian spring. In was mesmerizing watching the sand and soil constantly churn as the water entered the pool from below.
The top of our hike was around 9500… It was pretty clear from the snow everywhere that I don’t want to be on the pct in the sierras if I don’t have to yet. Decision made, I am going back to Tehachapi and pounding out the rest of the desert before I hit the sierras. Every week is going to melt tons of snow.
Dinner was Mexican and margaritas. Perfect!
Desert was slow cooking in the hot springs. There are hot springs sprinkled all over the valley outside of mammoth lake. I’ve never seen anything like it outside of Yellowstone.
it was one of the most fun days I’ve had.

Double double toil and trouble!
River running through it
Charlie Hough
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