Day 43: Mammoth lakes, fire, flip flopping?

Day 43: Mammoth lakes, fire, flip flopping?

Photo:  seen at Tehachapi BBQ joint

(I wrote this in the morning on day 44, so the perspective is a little skewed)
I am going hiking with a friend who gave me a ride 250 miles further north on the PCT. She picked me up in Tehachapi and we drove to Mammoth lakes (mile 902ish on trail)
With the fire closing 40 miles of the trail from walker pass to Kennedy Meadows I thought it might be smart to bounce north and hike back south. I learned a few things since that are putting the kibosh on that – apparently the trail has ten foot tall snow drifts on it. A few people still have made it through, but in one account they did it with snow shoes and do not recommend travel by foot/spikes/crampons. In another account a man started SOBO from Donner Pass and turned around. He said he kept losing the trail and was having trouble navigating. From what I gather, if you intend to skip the sierras until more snow melts, you want to be north of Donner – mile 1177ish.
Well… It looks like the fire is wrapping up. This was the report a few days ago:

It didn’t look promising. But then last night they are tentatively optimistic that they’ll open the trail appx 6pm (6pm on day 44, Sat Jun 4th).

That page can be found here:
Between the Sierras sounding like more work than I am really prepared to deal with, and the fire wrapping up, I am thinking now that I’ll head back to Tehachapi after this weekend excursion, with one little wrinkle… I amazoned some new shoes to Mammoth, and they’ll arrive Monday. So I might have to stay here while my friend heads south and make my own way on Monday.
Such is this life of adventure!  🙂

Charlie Hough
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