Day -43:  Knock-knock – who’s there?  BANANA-KNOCK-KNOCK!

Day -43:  Knock-knock – who’s there?  BANANA-KNOCK-KNOCK!

Never buy a dehydrator — borrow them from friends! It turns out it IS possible to have more dehydrator power than willingness to chop up fruit.


Notice all of the bananas?  5 bunches from costco, less than $7.  WARNING — when chopping up 5 bunches of bananas, DO NOT eat all the spare giblets unless the idea of banana aversion therapy is a good idea to you!  You are risking never wanting to look at a banana again.  I filled one of the two remaining shelves with apples, and decided I’m done so am wasting shelf space.  😛   My remaining half case of apples and the box of kiwis I got at costco will have to wait till tomorrow or Friday.


Things I did for the trail today:

Figured out how to get insurance more cheaply than COBRA through work. (  I need to talk to the people at work first to optimize the transition.

Got my beard trimmed.  (It IS for the trail — Better aerodynamics!)

Bought a battery for my motorcycle — didn’t install it yet, but required before I can sell my bike.

Borrowed two dehydrators.

Went to costco to buy $6.95 worth of bananas and spent $148.

Ate sushi – you ask, how could that POSSIBLY be for the trail?  Well let me tell you!  The ONLY way to borrow a dehydrator from my cousin Bryan is to let him treat you to sashimi!  (no seriously, thank you Bryan – on both counts)


My mother is going to be so surprised when she walks in to a banana smelling house tomorrow.



P.S…  The white bears have coconut oil in them.  Yeah – bad idea, no way to get it out unless you heat them above 75 degrees.  I’m guessing they’ll melt inside and turn clear with the heat from the dehydrator.

P.P.S…  These dehydrators are loud.  Loud enough I don’t want to be around when they’re on.

Charlie Hough
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