Day 36: More bees, a spider bite, Casa de Luna, beans and cheese!

Day 36: More bees, a spider bite, Casa de Luna, beans and cheese!

Start: 471.36 bush camp
End: 478.23 Green valley fire station (two miles of road to Casa de Luna)
Fitbit: 21,688 steps.
I woke up at 5:30, started breaking camp at 6, and headed out without breakfast by 6:40. One goal today, Casa De Luna!
One or two non-serious hills, found a very active but thankfully non hostile bee hive at at boy scout waypoint. I watched them for a minute, and would have walked up and inspected them closely if it weren’t for all the Africanized bees in SoCal. So I let them be(e har-har).
When I reached the road I didn’t want to walk two miles on the road, but didn’t get that easy-hitch feeling so started on down. Walked about half way when two young people gave me a ride. Identified the trail Angels house easily by the Porto Potties outside.
Woohoo! Hugo and Mie were there! My favorite “met on the trail” couple! Oh, pardon me… Hugo is now “King Arthur”. Yesh-milord!
House rules: everyone MUST wear a Hawaiian shirt. I’m already wearing one neener-neener! Actually they made me wear a different one, and for a pretty good reason: they want us to leave the trail behind while we are here and unwind. I let Mie pick my shirt and she picked a dress… “Because you are the one guy here who can rock it”… With an endorsement like that how can I refuse? Then she told me I look “famishing!”. Fair turn around! :). I don’t remember if I told that story here (from deep creek hotsprings).
It turns out it is very comfortable… If you have to be a little careful about flashing here and there.
A guy named Special K had a large bloody bandage on his foot. I asked about it and turns out it was from a spider bite a week ago. He wasn’t too concerned about it because it “didn’t hurt” but I think it was necrotic with some dead grey flesh in there. I urged him to see a doc, but don’t think he will.
For dinner every night, they put together a large taco salad with plenty of food for 50 people to eat their fill. I volunteered to stir the beans while heating.
Not in a hurry, taking a zero tomorrow.


this is what happens when you let someone else pick your “shirt”



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Charlie Hough
  • Monica

    You rocked it.

    June 2, 2016 at 10:21 pm Reply
    • Charlie Hough

      You know it!

      June 3, 2016 at 11:50 am Reply

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