Day -34:  (re?)Invented a backpack hangar

Day -34:  (re?)Invented a backpack hangar

Just a piece of cord with a loop on each end, and a carabiner.

I find I don’t like setting my pack down on wet, dirty, or muddy surfaces, and that it is annoying to access the front pockets when it is set down.  (it is an aarn backpack, it is different than normal backpacks – see picture below that I swiped from their website showing happy guy with huge pockets in the front – as for pocket size, each pocket can easily hold 3L of water).

While I was at the hot springs yesterday, I found it very useful to hang the pack from their food hanging cord… I was able to conveniently break camp and access each part of the backpack without flipping it around a dozen times.




Figure 8 knots because they rule the world.  😛

Charlie Hough
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