Day 3: Mt. Laguna

Day 3: Mt. Laguna

Start: Bush camp 38.79
End: 41.4 or 42 or something. Plus a couple miles in town.
Fitbit: 18,569 steps… Which is appx. 7.5 miles (I walk a mile in just under 2500 steps)

I got up at five again today, threw everything in my pack and headed out at 05:39. Took my sunrise photo:

Hiked for an hour to Mt. Laguna — not even 7am yet so I am sitting here blogging and trying to think what else I need to do on my NearO. I don’t plan to hike more today, but that may change… I’ll save money if I don’t have to pay for camping in town.
Stomach is taking issue with being empty. 🙂
The town didn’t open until 9 am, and so I wandered up the street and scored three things on my shopping list in the hiker box!!!

TP – hiker box special
Water filter bag doesn’t fit well to the filter — bought new bag
Tyvek – hiker box special
Flip flops – bought at provisioner
Spritzer – bought at general store
Sitting pad — hiker box special woo!
Coffee cup… So sad.

Kristie etc were there when the pub opened at 8. Woohoo reunion!
Time to reprovision! I had three boxes, 19 pounds of food and a new Hawaiian long sleeve rayon hiking shirt woo woo!
I punted one box with three days food further up the trail, I am hiking faster than my planned 7 days and still have a days worth of food left. Going to make it to Warner springs in five days. The four days food is 11 pounds!!! Aaaaah so heavy! And just when my pack was an awesome 25 pounds. 😛

Check out this outfitter shop!
(Insert video link here… Send me a message if I neglected to insert)
That said it is pretty awesome food. 😀
It is 3:45, which is like 7:45pm when you consider I go to bed at 8pm. So I am back at the pub eating dinner… And my first beer of the trail – Karl Strauss, Red Trolly Ale out of San Diego. AMAZING stuff!
Had my burger bunless. Yummy




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