Day 26-27-28: The holistic spa has been taking really good care of me

Day 26-27-28: The holistic spa has been taking really good care of me

Novel (Peanut), her husband Armand, and her sister Kitty run the Holistic Spa in Wrightwood. They charge hikers $10 to spread their sleeping bag on the floor, access to a shower and laundry. It gets a little nuts with all the new people every day, but these guys are doing it as an act of love towards their fellow human beings. They made sure I had an Epsom bath three days in a row to help me deal with my medical issues. I have nothing but love for these people. Hikers headed to Wrightwood, give them a call!
(760) 249-6600
After spending five nights in the holistic spa, it was time to get back on trail and see if anything happened. I set out with Sugar Rush, and we headed for the mountain Baden Powell. We had a few miles to warm up, then instant switchbacks. The mountain is basically 3000′ of pure switchbacks. I hit my stride and felt really strong until the moment we set camp with others.
Of course… Two guys had a fire going. In the middle of the night, the wind kicked up something fierce, and brought the embers back to life blowing them everywhere. Awesome.
When I posted about it on Facebook the next day this is one of the responses I got:
Amy Deaver – Wrightwood CA
Living on the other side of those hills and in a wildfire area – we’ve been evacuated 3 times; watched fire burning 1000 feet from our home; had hot shot fire crews from all over race up our street, move all items that would burn around our him, trim our trees and work endlessly to save houses; watched aircraft circle in 40 second passes to drop water time and time again to get the fire slowed; had fire crews stay in our area for however long it takes to work and put the fire out; had the neighbor who owns 10 acres of wildlands work with the forest service to helicopter out trees and cut a fire road in to help keep us safe; will never have open flames in our own backyard and we ask anyone who smokes to go out front and make sure it’s out because we’re a bit terrified; ask anyone up in this mountain town how terrified we all are of fire! Don’t be the one who let’s this happen to your trail angels!
So yeah, w.t.f?



Charlie Hough
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