Day 16: A second zero in Big Bear

Day 16: A second zero in Big Bear

  • image imageay 16: A second zero in Big Bear
    No miles
    Fitbit: about 5000
    As you might imagine, I was hung over for half the day. No headache, I managed to drink enough water, but slow, sluggish, and maybe a touch nauseated..
    ITH Adventure Lodge is just about the best hostel I have ever been in. Hiker special for $27 a night. With all the snow and bad weather, it just made more sense to stay out of it and give my body another day to heal.  Weather is clearing for tomorrow.
    Jessie took us for a drive around the lake
    We went to big 5, got some body glide to deal with some chafing issues.
    Took a nap. ate some fast food. Called my mother. Watched a movie. Played a horrible game of pool. Ate dinner. Did laundry and took a shower. Packed my bag as much as possible before tomorrow.
    … You know, just the usual details. Itching to get back on trail tomorrow




Inside the main room of the hostel

Adventure lodge hostel
Charlie Hough
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