Day 13: I slept on a mountaintop

Day 13: I slept on a mountaintop

Alternate trail: about +3 miles
Start: 185.72
End: 193.62
Fitbit: 33,957
Normally that many steps would indicate about 14 miles, but today was almost all downhill and I was taking shorter steps.
Woke up this morning around 5, the little four man hut on the top of the mountain ended up sleeping seven of us, at least two more cowboy camped on the peak. Everyone started moving within a few minutes and I made it back up to the peak at about 5:45. The sun crested the horizon at 5:47. About six of us standing there watching it. Totally worth it!

I hiked most of the day alone today, lots of people on trail though. Almost the entire day was downhill with unbelievable views.

My feet hurt a lot around the Achilles’ tendon and heel, so I stopped with a pretty short day – listened to my body and didn’t keep pushing too far.
I MUST make it to mile 206 tomorrow, and I have to do it early. I have 1.5-2 liters of water which is plenty so long as I get up at five and push miles while it is still cool.

Had a huge bowl of oyster and couscous chowder today… I combined my lunch and dinner meals together. That was a lot to eat!
Two sunrise shots today. 🙂

image image
My first attempt at cowboy camping!



A video:

San Jacinto sunrise


Charlie Hough
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