Day 123: adult slumber party!

Day 123: adult slumber party!

Really slow start, my goal was 15 miles. Four miles in I filled up my water and took a siesta. Just wasn’t feeling it. There were cows and cow shit everywhere. At four o’clock I had made it only 10 miles and realized I *could* make it to the next gathering of people ten miles further ahead. So I pushed a little. I pushed a lot. I made it by 7:45!
Listened to “Stuff You Should Know” podcasts all day.
Currently I am having a slumber party with 9 other people on a helipad. Big spoon is making everyone laugh their asses off.


The light was perfect for photographing this imprint.  🙂


image image image image image image  image

Heli-pad be naucht


If I ever opened a brewery, I would REALLY want a spring water source.



Charlie Hough
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