Day 121: Good water, dead deer, trail magic, bad phone

Day 121: Good water, dead deer, trail magic, bad phone

Start 1516.43 Bush Camp
End 1537.19 Parks Creek trailhead
Pretty easy day today. Got going around 8 and the terrain was pretty much level. Lots of smoke in the area due to fires. A lot more water on trail than I would ever expect via springs. Took a picture of one and video of another.
Near the end of my hike I passed a bunch of guys carrying compound bows.
At the end of the day, Jammin’ and his mom fed me and gave me beer. Outstanding! We were sitting there and one of the bowman walked in to the parking lot dragging a scrawny deer behind him. The deer around here have two qualities, they aren’t afraid of people, and they are scrawny.
And then my phone died. Managed to get it back up and running the next morning, it was flaky for a few hours, and now it seems to be fine. Really hope it is fine. It fell in the water 3 days ago. Until this crap started happening, I thought it was fine.

Fine.  Apparently that is the word.  Fine.

image  image image image

A cool geological seam.


100% pure water baby!



Charlie Hough
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