Day -12:  Crossing The T’s, Dotting The i’s

Day -12:  Crossing The T’s, Dotting The i’s

There is just a lot of things to do. A lot of the stuff, like cleaning my house and garage are nice any time, but when I am planning on leaving for five months it almost gets more important to set the stage so I can return home with it nice.

I have no idea what I did Wednesday. I know I didn’t sit on my ass all day, but no recollection. Thursday two ladies showed up to clean my home. I had started cleaning about an hour before they arrived and probably cleaned 3 hours, plus their combined 5 hours. Then I mowed the lawn and spent about seven hours cleaning the garage. My pickup fits for the first time in 10 years!

Good to have the house clean for when my roommate shows up and moves in next week.


Friday I had a doctor appointment, burned off a plantar wart, talked lot about trail health. She wants me to wear long pants and take two pairs of shoes, but until I slim down a few sizes no point in getting pants yes, and extra shoes would weigh too much.

I learned that athletes foot is a yeast infection. I have a minor infection on my pinky toe, and I’ve had this problem before, but never happened to be visiting my doctor that day to have her go ‘yup – get some Lotrimin’. I’ve had the skin under my pinky toes crack all the way open, and lo and behold, that’s a classic result of a yeast infection.

So this is minor. But it itches more than I can believe.

I just want to say — women — I can’t even imagine how bad yeast infections must be for you. I mean — this is just my pinky toe. Holy fuck.


Then I went to my dentist. Damnit, 43 years old and I am still not brushing effectively. I have bright and shiny pearly whites for the moment at least.

Went to Costco, bought a box of freeze dried food and 100 dollars worth of steak strips. They had a Mack n Jacks grapefruit ipa in a bottle! It was delicious.

Charlie Hough
  • Donna

    Are you brushing the way Ilene showed you? She might retire before your next cleaning if you aren’t!!

    April 11, 2016 at 8:31 pm Reply
    • Charlie Hough

      HAH! You found me!

      I have actually been paying a lot more attention to brushing my teeth. I am a little put out that I had been flossing them more, and they still weren’t doing so well. I’ve been letting the sonicare beeps tell me when to continue, and the few times I’ve used a normal toothbrush I go over each surface three times grinding it up and down.

      today I get to right my itemized list of drop locations… Figure I’ll post it here, at least two people have told me they want to send me goofy stuff. 😛


      April 14, 2016 at 11:54 am Reply

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