Day 107: Belden just kicked out all PCT hikers.

Day 107: Belden just kicked out all PCT hikers.

Day 107: Belden just kicked out all Pct hikers.
Start: 1265.43 near road to bucks lake / Quincy
End: 1284.55 Rest stop
Yeah, so apparently the entire town was rented out.
What upsets me the most is that I just got into town. I was looking forward to a meal, beer, shower, and laundry which is now all being denied.
It is not unreasonable after being out in the bush for a week to expect those few amenities. Likewise it isn’t surprising to me that some of the hikers chose to crash the wedding. I didn’t, but now, the next morning, when the kitchen is closed to the public, it is really tempting to mootch the salmon breakfast they are serving the wedding party. I decided to eat peanut butter and jam tortillas instead.
Recognized an actor from greys anatomy. Jesse Williams (a.k.a. Avery Jackson) – the one with the striking eyes.
I was sitting on the grass going through my food box mom sent me. Looked up as he approached: He said ‘hey’. I said ‘Do I know you from somewhere?’. He said ‘no’ and walked away. Then my brain caught up and I realized why I recognized him.
Ah well.
Guy looks the same in real life as he does on screen. He was carrying an infant. Like everyone with an infant, I am jealous. On the other hand, could you imagine what a bother it must be to be famous and seen in public? I am not jealous of that. A man like him couldn’t do the PCT. I think?
— Anyway, It seemed like he was being cool and I blew it.  I wish I had said ‘hey’ back, and complimented his bambino instead.
I noticed today that angle of the sun at noon isn’t so vertical. Bout time I had evidence of walking over the curve of the earth!
My food box had my sleeping boot in it. Maybe it will help with my Achilles tendinitis. Going to wear it on the right foot for a week and see if it gets better than the left. Thing sucks to wear.

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Charlie Hough
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  • Charlie Hough

    i wrote the title when I was sitting feeling dejected out in a horrible little spot wishing I had access to food, beer, and a shower.

    The title was my honest feeling when I wrote it. Was it emotionally charged? Yes and rightly so. Would I have written the same title two hours later? No. Would I change the title later because later they relented and took better care of us? No — that’s what I did in the next post. For two hours, life was shit and that is when I took time to write the post. I am not going to apologize for that.

    August 9, 2016 at 6:51 pm Reply

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