Day 105: cool snake

Day 105: cool snake

Start: 1229.56 yellow jacket camp…
End: 1247.25 Middle Fork Feather River
I just arrived at the campsite for tonight, wow, 3:45 pm and I did 18 miles… That might be a new record. The secret was simply getting up early. If my feet weren’t hamburger I’d be able to do a marathon. When I was about 50 feet from my campsite, I saw a really cool snake! See video.
The yellow jackets continue to take a serious interest in me whenever I stop moving. A little irritating, but I have yet to be zapped by one.
Water is becoming a concern again. I started hauling 3.5 liters instead of just two. Lots of springs in the area, I drank from two of them without filtering, but have started filtering again because getting sick from water doesn’t sound like a load of fun.
I am at about three thousand feet, and even inside a forest I can feel how much hoooootter it is. I think this is the first time the trail has dropped below 5,000 feet In 500 or so miles. It would behoove me to get up early again tomorrow so that I can climb up before the sun is baking everything.



It turns out I’ve been posting photos a day before when they were taken for the last few days…   So for now rather than fix it I’m just not going to post any today besides this cool video:

California Mountain Kingsnake (I think)


Charlie Hough
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