About the PCT.

Hokay. So here’s the plan. I have never journalled or blogged. But, I really want to create a record of the trail and share it with everyone who is interested.

What is “The trail”? The Pacific Crest Trail or PCT is a 2660 mile trail through the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountains from Mexico to Canada. See the map here:

That is what this page is for. I don’t want to post everything about the PCT on my personal facebook feed because the people who don’t find that interesting will turn off viewing anything I post.

I have a new website. The website design is light years ahead of where it would be if I did it – Thank you Thank you Thank you Alex Vanlaningham – my genius web developer friend.

You can also find me on Facebook — Thoughtthru

Leading up to the start of the trail on April 21st, I’m trying to make myself post every day. Some days I don’t have much idea what to post but it is important I keep posting stuff and getting familiar with how to run it so that it is effortless on trail, I mean hey – being a trucker delivering gas isn’t exactly noteworthy on a thru-hiking page. This means I might be oversharing about my life – I’m not sure if that is a good idea yet – but it is where I can draw content for the time being until I get on trail and can talk about the trail each day.

If you have questions, bring it! Answering them is content!

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